What is Hebe?


slur for a jewish person

Joe Pesci: Let's make Lethal Weapon 5.

Mel Gibson: Shut the fuck up you dumb fucking hebe.

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A Racial Slur against Jews Derived From a Contraction of Hebrew.

That Christ Killen' Hebe Jewed me off Again, Damn Kike.

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Hebe is the Greek diety who married Hercules after his ascention to god status. She is the cupbearer, and the goddess of youth and spring. Hebe is known as Juventas by the Romans.

The hebe is also a purple plant found in New Zealand.

Hercules married Hebe.

I picked some hebes on the way here.


A racial slur against either people of Jewish decent or people practicing the religion of Judaism.

As one of Jewish decent who is currently practicing Judaism, it is against my moral beliefs to put an example.


A shortened form of hebephile; i.e. one who is attracted to adolescents a.k.a. jailbait.

I think he's a hebe because he likes hanging out with the junior high school girls

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A derogitory word for a person of jewish heritage. If a christian calls a Jewish person a hebe or kike, they are a hypocrit because Jesus Christ was jewish and half of the the christian bible is about jewish people

1: What a hebe he picked up a penny.

2: Uh, hes fuckin homeless bro and remember christ was jewish so the hebes are cool.

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