What is Heehaw?


to laugh loudly, somewhat like a donkey

What are you heehawing about? My joke wasn't that funny!


A disagreeable boor.

The word is derived from the sound that a donkey makes, therefore it is as if one is calling the heehaw a jackass, without actually using profanity.

When someone has been rude, offensive, boorish, and or inconsiderate one may call that person a heehaw.

"What a heehaw!"

See jackass, assclown, fartknocker, jerk, meanie


the appalling, nasal whining that comes out of jen's mouth when she "sings"

oh god she's heehaw'ing again, COME BUY YOUR EARPLUGS, GOT A 2 FOR 1 DEAL!!

See jen, heehaw, nasal, whining, singing


The only word in the French language.

Heehaw heehaw heehaw!


The only word in the French language!

Heehaw heehaw heehaw!

Heehaw heehaw!


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