What is He-ho?


1. (noun)Male couterpart to the promiscuousfemale "ho" who trades sexual favors for currency.

2. (noun)He that will bang anything on two legs for physical or mental pleasure.

Is not to be confused with the term pimp.

"Dan is one big he-ho. He had sex with Marsha Tuesday night, Sarah Wednesday night, Amanda AND Nadene Thursday night, and then went home to visit his long-time girlfriend for some down on the farm missionaryon Friday."

See man slut, urban sausage, skank, ho, std, protest


A male slut. A guy that is notorious for having sex with anyone.

Jordan has had every girl on the block, the he-ho.


I thought he was faithful, but that cheater is a he-ho.

See slut, whore, tramp, liar, jerk


A male of extremely loose morals.

She left the bar with a he-ho, but was sorry at sunrise.

See whore, slut, bitch, prostitute


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