What is Hellcat?


A hawt punk or alternative chick.

There should be alot of hellcats at this concert.


1: A formidable woman.

2: One of the zoids (mechanical monsters released as wind-up and battery-operated toys, made in Japan). A Hellcat zoid looks like some kind of big cat, possibly a panther or cheetah. Its first UK release was in 1986. It was re-released in Japan in 1999 with a spelling mistake on its box (Helcat).

That mother of my girlfriend Alice is a right hellcat. Apparently she once bit a teacher's nose off after Alice was given a detention for not doing her homework.

See hellcat, cat, hard, bitch


adj. to have a little dick.

One who is shortchanged in the pants.

A big dick would be the opposite of Hellcat.

"I have a little dick"


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