Hello Moto

What is Hello Moto?


Peepz who love their mobiles/cell phones greet them by saying hello moto.

Man: Hello honey, hello kids.

Phone: Do Do Do Do Do Do

Man: Oh yeh, hello moto!


A phrase that reoccurs repeatly everytime Motorola want to bombard me with the message to buy one of their crap phones.

Later on ITV, the news. Next, the "Hello fucking Moto" movie premiere.


(v.) The act of taking pictures of an extra-marital affair with a cameraphone, and showing the snapshots to the partner whilst repeating 'hello moto' in a japanese accent.

I personally enjoy smashing mobile phones with mallets stolen from the house at the other end of the road (teach him to leave his garages and tool shed open when he goes out).


When a male or female's nipples become visibly erect. Usually due to adverse weather or general horniness.

"Eugh you've got right hello moto"

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