What is He-man?


as a verb, to ejaculate, whether on purpose or by accident, into the pubic hair of somebody (or your own) causing it to thicken and matte like the loin clothes found on He-Man figures.

I pulled out just in time, but ended up He-Maning her.

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A profound, wonderful cartoon from the early 80's. I tuned in every day to watch He-man say 'by the power of grayskull' and kick Skeletor's butt. One day I hope to meet him in person. 8¬)

He-man, he-man etc

See she-ra


The original ambiguously gay hero. A great cartoon, but strangely homoerotic

A leather singlet, shaggy, but neatly groomed blonde hair, and briefs? You do the math.


Defender of the castle greyskull. Wears no shirt and tight panties.

'hE-mAN' - A man who is to be refered to as 'He'

He-man master of the universe


(verb)Before ejaculating onto a girls face shout out "by the power of grey skull", then while ejaculating onto her face yell "I have the power"

she doesnt swallow so i had to give her the he-man

See ejaculate, facial, power, erection


The greatest (and possibly gayest) hero of the 80s

AKA prince Adam of ETERNIA

He wears a loincloth and wields the magic Sword of grayskull,known to be the most powerful man in the universe, too bad he's too much off a pussy to bone the sorceress, let alone Teila-the biggest whore of all the land

He-man is awesome and can kick Optimus Primes metal ass

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Verb - To perform a feat of great physical strength

Adjective - Powerful or intimidating

That powerlifter He-Manned 900 pounds in the deadlift.

I might be able to He-Man that fridge up the stairs.

That elephant gun is a real He-man shoulder cannon.

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