What is Hilljack?


From the southern region of the Midwest (see Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania and the better part of West Virginia). Hilljacks have a penchant for sleeveless t-shirts, Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet and low-end regional beer. Family gatherings come in the form of cookouts and all of them culminate in drunken brawls and multiple arrests. Young hilljack chicks are usually very attractive but undergo a metamorphosis sometime after they have their third kid before the age of twenty.

The creeper driving by you in the old van with the twisted roof rack and the smell of weed and urine billowing from the passenger side window that is halfway down, crooked and off it's track. The van also sports a confederate flag plate holder and an uncovered snow tire on the back.


A poor, lower-class, white trash person who believes he/she is better or of a higher class than a hillbilly. Tends to make fun of hillbillies or hicks believing that he /she is not one.


a slightly educated cousin to the hillbilly found in small towns off the beaten path of modern society or outside a 75 mile radius of a major retail mall.

examples are limitless because of the United States failure to recognize and correct the problems with education and poverty.


A person from the rural, hilled areas of Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Descended from the origional settlers of the area, the hilljack has managed to avoid inbreeding and a lack of education; however, the hilljack tends to share certain social problems with their redneck cousins, such as excessive drinking, anger management, and Republican loyalism.

while the redneck and hillbilly are proud conservatives, only the hilljack will take the time to vote.

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What on Earth is a HillJack??

Hillbilly + Jack of all Trades = HillJack

The term HillJack refers to people who live in remote, rural, and somewhat mountainous regions of the United States (closely related to the people known as “Hillbillies” or “Rednecks”). A HillJack is competent at performing many skilled task (mostly manual labor), but is not the master of any one. The HillJack is described as an extremely proud American (somewhat backward and socially unsophisticated) who is willing to stand up for what He/She believes; never willing to compromise their integrity or values. HillJacks are a self reliant group who have been known to spend countless hours in pursuit of nature’s most prized creations: CATFISH, WHITE TAIL, and yes even a deer once in a while!

That hilljack ain't good for nothing but manual labor and catfishing!

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Found in rural areas. Ball cap backwards or tilted, oversize shorts and tshirt, shaved head with goatee. Speaks in a muddle of country and ghetto dialect. Rides low in a Japanese import from the 90s with mismatched door and fart-sounding exhaust, or can be seen in elevated, shiny pick up truck finished with chrome flame or skulls; could possibly own a crotch rocket bike. Blasts hip hop, nu metal, death metal or rap from said vehicle. Approach with caution, can be easily set off and become violent.

'Watch out, that Hilljack's all worked up from watching Ultimate Fighting and drinking cheap whiskey - he wants to fight you.'

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someone so ingrained with white trash sorriness that they'll shit the bed and then kick said shit out of the bed barefooted

Brian prefers a warm bottle of cheap booze and the feel of sheeps wool backed up into his crotch over his wife and kids. What a hilljack.....

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