Hip Hop Dance

What is Hip Hop Dance?


What Coach Z needs to do to show the ladies he still dances.

Ladies all the time be asking me,

"Coach Z, how come you don't dance no more?"

And I say, Ladies, ladies!

"Just give me a chance to do a hip-hop... dance"

See Kyke


what the media calls it when girls shake their ass to the beat.

what hip hop dance really is is bboyin (what the media calls breakdancing)

media person - "provocative music videos with woman scantily dressed doing hip hop dance are bad for kids"

person who knows about true hip hop - "that aint hip hop dance"

See hip hop, bboy, bboying, bgirl, breakdance


some bullshit these white mutha fuckas came up with to categorize a style of dance we been doing for ages, just letting the record play and ride the rhythm

Teacher: I'm going to teach you a hip hop dance

Student: Like hell! Watch this, Drop that beat....


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