What is Hmong?


The "Hmong's" were recruited by the US Govt, CIA. to help aid the American Soldiers in the Vietnam War... So, by doing so... the AMERICANS fled and left them defenseless and now they're getting slaughtered and hunted down by the Viatnamese today. Some of them managed to escape and immigrate to other countries, but families are being murdered there still.

Hmong children are raped and murdered every day, but the U.S. government won't step in to help them and it's a generally quiet topic in the media.

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an unknown or not really popular ethnic around the world, even to their fellow asian people too..unique because of their history..

I like being if you don't know what it is then don't judge it or hate on it.

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A Sub Culuture. Asian, many came 2 the US after the VietWar. most of them either reside in kalI or STP MN.

The Ghetto hmong are refer to FOB, fresh of the boat.

hey did you see that trip(ghetto) up Civic, I bet it was a Hmong Guy.

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A tribe that lives in Laos and areas around there. They helped the US troops during the Vietnam war and were then later abandoned to face the Laos government that is still trying to kill them off. Most Hmong who still live in 3rd world Asia are still fleeing for their lives in the jungles of that area. Others live in refugee camps in Thailand. Many live in America today. The most noted places are probably Minnesota, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Carolinas.

Hmong teenagers these days can't cope with their roots and try to be different. They try to look Korean or Japanese or ghetto. The Korean/Japanese guy look-a-likes grow their hair long and dye their hair orange or some other blonde-ish hair color. They dress in tight preppy clothing that they try to make "Korean". Some of them cannot pull off the dyed hair thing because it makes them look stupid or ugly and they try to look like their friends they blend in with. The girls leave their hair usually dark but kinda short; atleast up to their shoulders. They like to wear cute looking clothes (I guess). The ghettos like to leave their bangs long and have buzz cuts anywhere else. They are quite cocky and have skanky Hmong girls around them because they think they're cool. They like to wear baggy clothing and sometimes hats. They are not very social people outside of their Hmong social group.

Fobs are different. They are usually nice and respectful, but not always very social with other Hmongs outside the family. Their parents want their daughters to get married at young ages (16-18) and are usually strict. Most fobby girls only tie their long hair back, wear no make-up, have earrings, and outdated clothing. Boys in this group dress like the modern Hmongs of Laos with their loose comb-overs, short pants, and sandals.

White-washed Hmongs also exist too. They blend in wtih the Korean/Japanese group except they also listen to American music artists and not just Korean pop stars. The guys sometimes have shorter hair and American styles.

Hmongs have many wierd folk-beliefs about ghosts and demons. They are actually pretty scary. Hmongs that are christian no longer care for the superstitions and shamanism. Most of the elderly still believe in this stuff. They hang ceremonial papers on their door ways to protect themselves from demons and evil magic. The papers usually look like a painting by the artist Klimt with their gold dashes and red shapes. They also have speacialty money for the spirits that they burn as offerings. These are used also at funerals for the deceased. They believe that if you don't take the dead body out of the house the right way and you don't give it any spirit cash, IT WILL STAY IN YOUR HOUSE AS A GHOST YOU MIGHT SEE UNTIL YOU GIVE IT MONEY FOR THE AFTER-LIFE!!!!! This is what the non-christian Hmongs belive okay, so don't freak out if you don't understand.

They make many fobby movies. They even made a Hmong 40-year-old Virgin! Most movies have cheap sound effects and such. The costumes are just traditional Hmong clothes. They are usually based off of old forgotten Hmong fairy tales and myths.

The elderly find it hard to grasp a new culture, so they stay traditional and cautious. The young are totally differnt: some are not hard-working, they like to wear lots of Hollister and Abercrombie when they don't have a job, and they....(see paragraph about Hmong teens).

They really are nice people once you finally get to know and understand their culture.

Hmong people are cool once you get to know them!!!

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An ethnic group that originated from Siberia, China and some people think Mongolia. They mostly live in U.S. states like Minnesota, California, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Their language is quite similar to Chinese, but they are their own group. Some people refer to them as the Miao, which is more widely used.

Not all Hmong people are short, speak broken-English, spike up their hair, gel their bangs, dye their hair blonde and drive weird cars.

I saw the Hmong boy pick up the book.

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A native tribe of Asia.

Native Americans is to America as Hmong is to Asia.

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Is another asian ethnic.

We are asians just like viet, chinese, laos, koreans, japanese and etc..just like white people. Theres many kinda of white people.


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