What is Hobelgiven?


Legend has it, that at the stroke of midnight of every halloween, small goblins search the night for little children's faces. These mytical creatures enter small children's bedrooms through open windows, and steal the face of the unsuspecting child. With their razor sharp hobelgiven teeth, they snatch the victims face, and then disappear into the night. Hobelgivens are also know for their eye fetish. These tiny goblins are believed to use their sharp, pointy tongue to pierce the victim's eye, and then retract their tongue. This strong forcible retraction rips the eye out of the socket. Hobelgivens need new eyes and faces every year, due to a hex that was put on them when they were banished from Dark Hollow in the medieval times. The county witch caught three delinquent hobelgivens eating a dead child, which was not permissable during the day time hours in Dark Hollow, under section 4 of the county ordinance. The witch, was the head authority of county, and enforced the law, along with the punishment of offenders. She decided to cast the hobelgiven race out of the Hollow, and hexed the species of little goblins. From that point on, hobelgivens would need to maintain a new face and pair of eyes each Halloween, or eles they would suffer a horrible death. That is the story of why hobelgivens steal the faces and eyes of young children.

Rest your eyes, little child, or the hobelgiven will have your pretty little face!

See goblin, hovelgiben, eyes, face, teeth


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