What is Hobitch?


A person that is persistingly annoying you. The derivation of the word comes from a ho that was acting like a bitch. A ho that acts like a bitch is annoying, therefore, a hobitch is an annoying person that is quite bothersome and pestering.

Hey Bro, stop acting like a hobitch. You'd be lucky to get any pussy. Don't be so selective.

See annoy, obnoxious, stupid, jagweed, burp


A bitch that is also a hoe. Someone that has been acting pussy lately.

You's a hobitch, son. Step up the plate instead of talking.


a sexy orgasmic bitch who only wants sex from you.

Girl: Have Sex with me motherfucker!!!

Man: Screw you, horny HOBITCH!!!!!!!

Also see bitch

See bitch, hoe, slut, tramp


Degrading nickname for shortest member of your grooup of friends.

hey hobitch wanna go see a movie?


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