What is Hobokinator?


A hobo, freak, or baby-man that likes to go streaking and ride pigs for a living. One could be found on your local golf course.

Hey, I'm Hugh the hobokinator! We're going streaking to the local gym! There's more coming, let's go!

See Ryan


"Hobo, hobo, lalala, hobo. Eats me, eats yo, lalala, hobo!" That is the Hobokinator theme song. I can't help ya on what a hobokinator actually is.

Hobo me! Hobo you! Watch out, don't step in hobo poo!


Likes to eat Poop, , Ryan, hugh, and David. (Not the same thing as a hobo, but close)



The stupidest thing in the world. Lives in caves in Northern North America. Almost as big as a Yeti, but not related in any way to one. If you degrade one by one IQ point, then it will be dumber than Ryan, Hugh, and David combined together.

That Hobokinator is eating my donut!!!


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