What is Hockessin?


One of the many gray, flat, dismal towns in the state of Delaware, only it's slightly better because everyone is rich. Home to many members of an absolutely horrible high school band which thinks it's 1st rate when really it's filled with druggies, smuts, and general failures at life, and is only for the amusement of parents who are clueless to their childs actual social ongoings. Teenage lifestyle centers around thinking you are cool because you hang out at WaWaevery night and buy Marijuana, or go to people's basements play beer pong and perform various reputation-scaring sexual acts upon eachother.

Me and my friends went to Hockessin to buy some marijuana at WaWa and then play beer pong because we enjoy destroying ourselves socially, sexually, and mentally, starting as early as age 13.


A small quiet town where nobody knows anybody and yet, everybody somehow hangs out with each other. At times, teenagers probably think about suicide, but instead go to a friends house to smoke, drink, and bang each other, all so they can have something to talk about in the early morning classes at A.I. High School. It should also be known that when a kid from A.I. holds a party, all of Delaware feels the need to show up. Sadly, no other school has that power...

Alex and I went to Jesse's for some beer pong, and ended up smoking out of a pine cone. Two hours later, i had Alex's sister in bed, and he was watching......The next day we gave each other high-fives


h-town. the place where kids spend hours standing in the wawaparking lot during the summer, and just as long in their cars when its 20 degrees outside. where when there's nothing to do, you head across the street to texaco for a blunt, and if that doesn't work out, you have to crash somebody's house to play pong. hockessin is the place where wilmington kids go to do absolutely nothing. senior year, everyone works to get their asses somewhere else, and when they end up on break from UD or deltech, their cars will be parked on the WSFS side of wawa while they are on bowl rides.

i need to go into hockessin to get some pot from kids at wawa. and then i need to sit there for 3 hours.

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Also called H-town(by people who will never get laid)

-Place where semi-rich people live

-Most kids play pong in other kids basements, get wasted, do sexually scarring things. (This happens most every weekend, and happens to be one of the only exciting things)

-Those who don't pong usually smoke pot

-Everyone knows that pot can be found(in abundance) at the Wawa, and that you can buy a blunt at the Texaco across the street from age 11 and up.

-Everyone is ashamed of our wiggers. We all know you arent poor, just come on guys...

A- Hey man, you hear about that party next Saturday?

B- Dude, that was last night.

A- Oh man... I was so trashed, I think I boned my mom.

B- Yeah, there's another one next Saturday, wanna go?

A- Fsck, what else would I be doing in Hockessin?

B- I dunno, but I'm glad I don't live in North Wilmington!


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It be the line between PA and DE, the 20 min ride from anywhere in North DE thats worth goin, i.e. Newark or Wilmington... and home to some of the kids that played in a H.S. band that did some cool shit, i.e. get drunk and get wit girls in hotels in cities elsewhere. All you others know DE as the "you know everybody, and try not to, but you like it state", you understand.

one road; 41, the only f%#kin road that brings others into "town" and has little to do but get some gas and Wawa


all these kids in hockessin think they live in the ghetto and try to be cool by drinking and smoking but really they arent.. they think they are "gangsta" and say they are from the ghetto.. sorry hunni big ass houses arent really what i consider "ghetto" they are like yeahh i smoke pot and i live rite near the city of wilmington yeahh im cool. haha riiteee ur a rich white bitch who wears rocawear and trys to be black.. hmm why dont you just know ur white ;)

hockeseein #1 - i live in the ghetto

hockeseein #2- uhh no dog we live in hockessin

hockeseein #1- yeah but we still down

hockeseein #2- werrdd

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For the rest of the state of Delaware, a place we all know people from and kinda know where it is, but none of us has any idea how to spell it. And we're pretty glad. The place starts with HO.

"Spell Hockessin? HO...KESS-IN, you know what, I don't really know."

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