What is H-o-e?


Short for Whore

Man, she is such a hoe.


any female who would fuck anyone at any time and anywhere. a female who lets every one shes been with go in raw dawg!

Damb! there goes that hoe that tryed to get with my man.


-short for whore.

-the skank everybody knows in town especially at school, work, social area, etc.

-sleeps with whoever, whenever, and whatever.

-letting the partner hit it raw.

-everybody has a name for.

-they either get offended or laugh it off because its true.

-homewrecker and player.

-closet hoe or known hoe.

Look at that skank hoe walkin like she has a dick up her ass. Or looks like she just got off a horse.

What a closet hoe! Dancing and grinding on everyone..we all know she/he ain't innocent behind closed doors.

Oh! Errbody know her/him..she/he's a known hoe. Thought chu knew?!


The pussy you get off the street or the skank at school everyone hates.

Your mama is my hoe


A tool used in gardening with a long handle and a flat blade at the end--typically used for weeding between plants.

George, will you grab the H-O-E from the garden shed?

See hoe, gardening, weeding, plants, tool, tools


a woman that is interested/willing to sleep with another woman's boyfriend/fiance/husband, for fun/pleasure.

that girl that slept with molly's boyfriend was a H-O-E.

See hoe, slut, skank, jizabelle, whore


HOE- A woman that sells her body to make money and then answers to a pimp to pay a percentage for providing clientel and transportation.

Yo lets get some head, call up that H-O-E.

See slut, whore, tramp, skank, bout it


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