Home Skillet Biscuit

What is Home Skillet Biscuit?


friend or your boy. it can also be used for another "gangsta" friend

Yo what up my home skillet biscuit


Slang for "my friend", "my chum", "my buddy", "my pal", "my pallyallyoo".

"YO! It's nice to see you again, my home skillet biscuit! Fo shizzle dizzle!"


Started By Two GiRls watchiN That's So RavEn!! aNd It bEcame Well kNwoN ThrOugh Out A sChoOL!! This is what it meAns in simple terms!

hoMe (homie)

skillet (friend)

Biscuit(SomethiNg jUSt aDDed oN)

there are also other related terms

home skillet connbread

home skilletbacon and grits

and for the thanks giving holiday

home skillet turkey

Used iN a SentNce .... What's up home skillet biscuit!!

See lele


Someone or something cool.

Wow, you home skillet biscuit! You're so cool.

That slushie is a home skillet biscuit.

See home skillet, buscuit, skillet, homie


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