Homo Mojo

What is Homo Mojo?


1) A purely positive reference to the many skills and abilities of a homosexually-inclined man or woman. In the extreme (stereotypical) sense of this expression, these two words may refer to the charms of Gay men (as decorators, artists, chefs, trend setters, and masters of taste) or Lesbians (excelling in sports or mechanical abilities).

2) For someone attracted to the same-sex, this expression refers to their almost magical ability to get another man or woman in the sack.

3) The intuitive ability of one Gay person to sense the presence of another Gay person through Gaydar.

Example 1: The show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy is all about the Fab 5's homo mojo. Like the song at the beginning of the show says, "all things just keep getting better" with the crew of Queer Eye.

Example 2: Brad really does know just how to keep those home fires burning with his husband John...even in the bedroom...after 15 years!.n you believe it?!? I need a little of their homo mojo to set my own sheet on fire with Paul.

Example 3: In a crowded room of people, Pete has a real knack for picking out most of the fellas who happen to be sausage hounds. I wish I had that much homo mojo in my back pocket.

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