What is Hoochie?


a female who appears to match a set of characteristics including: trashy, often inappropriately tight dress (with or without pudge overflowing waistband); eyebrows shaved and penciled back on in dramatic fashion; heavy, mostly monotonic makeup with dark lipstick; large, gaudy, costume-grade jewlery. Frequently accompanied by multiple children from different fathers (see baby-daddy).

"Damn, did you Estela's sister at the sideshow last night? Sportin' a camel toe through her jeans, cornrows, you know she's a straight-up hoochie"


A woman usually defined as being a promiscuous or other wise a slut. To be a true hoochie, a woman must be labled by a collection of other jealous females.

Did you see what Yolanda was wearing. All the guys were staring at her ass hanging out of those dukes. She is such a hoochie.


a woman who dresses in tight clothes and wears a large amount of makeup

Damn! Did you see Mindy with her titty hanging out on the dance floor? What a hoochie...

See Angel


a girl/woman who advertises herself in such ways: small, tight clothes, sometimes no clothes, has a lot of public sex, slutty, too flirtatious, or a prostitution. Most of the time, has a negative reputation.

There was a hoochie walking down the hallway at school today.

See slut, ho, whore, skank, tramp


a female who seems to be a `dog`, `ho` or `slut` because she can be seen with many men at one time or because she wear less then un approprete clothing...

may also be a `video ho` (dances in the back of video clips)

she was a hoochie!!! bouncin her bootie on that video! what a slut!!!


a low down skanky ass beeotch whose coochie is straight dangling from being bang by every guy from east coast to west coast...she is a ho of the utmost

that ho over there on the corner with her ass hanging to the ground is a stone cold skanked out hoochie!


a dirty slut ; ugly , greasy hair , no one likes them , thinks they are the shit .

Guy 1: Did you see Tea last night ?

Guy 2: Yeah! She's such a hoochie

See slut, hooch, ugly, bucket, gross


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