Hot Ross Buns

What is Hot Ross Buns?


Sometime in 2007, a group of kids, mostly between the ages of 13-16, were chatting away on neopets, a popular virtual pet site. One of them, named Dom, was talking about her hot cross buns. Half way through the conversation, she accidently misspelled HOT CROSS BUNS, leaving out the "C". (Hot ROSS Buns) This immediately started a huge thing. The rest of the board laughed histerically, referring to Ryan Ross, the guitarist and lyricist for the popular band Panic At The Disco, and his delicious "buns". Even to this day, hot ross buns puts a smile on their faces. (originally by THE ALYFAYCE, edited a little by me)

hot ROSS buns, not hot CROSS buns. (:

See ryan ross, panic at the disco, board, neopets


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