Hot Taco

What is Hot Taco?


When someone, preferably a male, farts the most rancid and burning fart into a woman's vagina before or after sexual intercourse. Sometimes the mixture of seamen and fart can cause massive confusion in the woman that will lead her to kick you swiftly in the groin.

Tovey couldn't find his nuts days after he layed a hot taco in to Patricia's sweet n' salty Poon-tang.

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hot awesome

taco vagina

I'll bet that bitch is sportin' one screamin' hot taco


something a dumbass named tarren made up

tarren whitaker

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Hot Taco: a sexual oddity, the woman lays on the floor as the man squats above the woman and procedes to shit between her tits, then the woman eats the SHIT from between her tits.

My wife is a real freak, but then she went to the extreme and asked for a Hot Taco.

Anyone hungry?

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