House Stalker

What is House Stalker?


a creepy person who doesn't stalk people only their houses.....big houses. a house stalker may do things that others may find creepy n weird such as glancing at others credit cards to see their last name....only to track them down on yellowpages later. a house stalker will also use to view houses at all angles. a house stalker will only go after large homes tho in wealthy areas. a house stalkr in nj will probly track down alpine, saddle river, mantoloking, deal, bernardsville, essex fells, basking ridge, far hills, bedminster and others. house stalkers arent harmful just a tad creepy....but dnt worry they wont bite.....unless you try n snatch away their camera. a house stalker will then force his/her parents to drive them to the location of the big houses and they will proceed to take snapshots of the house from all different angles. they may do things such as fence hopping nd camera dodging cuz most of the houses that are stlked are large and have security cameras. they may also right down the owners license plate number if they happen to be comming or leaving but thats optional. house stalkers may track down wealthy celebs suck as k. lee and donald trump and find their house address.

**house stalker driving through saddle river**

HS- *sees huge mansion* stop the car! *DIVES OUT OF CAR INTO NEARBY BUSHES, pulls out camera** *click clik click** *sneakily crwls back into car n drives away*

owner- wtf? *runs to panic room*

house stalkers r creepy

See stalker, loser, bitch, creepy, shady, sketchy


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