What is Hove?


Name tha Jay-Z has dubbed himself. from the hebrew word for god; Jehovah.Jay-Z also has been know as "Hova". And yes, Jay-Z is a GOD. HOVE!

H to the izz-O V to the izz-A


ACTUALLY, Adonai literally means "My master" in hebrew, although it is used to refer to god.

Jehova actually IS one of god's names, and is the one most frequently used in the bible, although jews pronounce it as Adonai because they think it's forbidden to say god's name out loud (And also because Jehova is only one opinion on how the four hebrew letters are actually pronounced)

Get your facts straight.

"He thinks he's a hove because he's just THAT cool."

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when u hate them but you love them.

jake - "fuck you annoy me i really hove you"

sam - " yea well i hove you too"

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its another name for jay-z

young hove in the house

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Actually the jewish word for God is Adonai no Jehovah..dumbass..Jehovah is definately not jewish but instead a Christian name..for God or something else..but in all honesty you are dumb

H-O-V-A, I got my mojo back baby, oh behave

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another name for jay-z

jay-z = hove

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is back

Hove is back, life stories told through rap

Niggaz actin' like I sold you crack


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