What is H-power?


1. usually mean "home" or recently, "hardcore"

2. only shared between two people...but to bad those two people have already been chosen..

3.must meet requirements of telling one an other JUICE and texting 24/7 NO MATTER WHAT

4. you know the h-power is strong when u can text internationally when noone else can!

5. you can make fun of eachother and say "love ya" and it makes it all better

6. you must create fanclub consisting of; SHEILA HOUSE<3 CT<3 TINA<3 and newly added, KiKi<3

7. you CANNOT be a CC...ever

8. nicknames are usually, "hbo" or "hgu"

dammmnn, the h-power between hbo n hgu is soooo high right now!

See home, hardcore, two, texting, juice, fanclub, love ya


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