Huai Gut

What is Huai Gut?


derived from the word "huai gu", it has evolved into huai gut mainly because it has an annoyingly catchy sound to it. the word huai gut has a myriad of meanings, which shall be briefly mentioned below.

1) A squirtle who has poor aim

2) A playfuck

3) An individual who enjoys smirking when telling everyone about his ACE points.

4) A believer in RDJ2

5) An individual who firmly believes in his attractiveness.

1)Bryan: Omfg, I accidentally cummed onto my cheeks!

Fuckkai: Lol, you're such a huai gut.

2) Jessica: You playfuck, thats the third girl you've dumped in a month!

Simon: (shrugs resignedly) I guess i'm just a Huai gut.

3) Brian: (Smirks smugly with arms folded) I have 15 ACE points for everything. KFFF

Chuan Han: Wtf, you're such a huai gut.

4) Bra: (Being pummelled) RDJ2 IS GOD!!! RDJ2 IS GOD!!!

Samuel: (Pummeling him) FUCK YOU HUAI GUT. JESUS IS GOD!!! JESUS IS GOD!!!

5) Hut Guai: Siao...first time got girl hotter than me

Teng Jin: Wtf man, dun be a huai gut la!

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