Hush Puppies

What is Hush Puppies?


A side dish served most often with fried fish. Legend has it it was first created useing the left over batter for the fish at a fish fry. spoon fulls of the batter are dropped into the oil and cooked until golden brown on the outside. Legend also has it that the name came about from the fishermen throwing them to their dogs who would be whinning and begging for table scraps. These balls of fried left over dough were ment to, "Hush the puppies."

You go to any good fish fry anywhere in the south and you can bet that besides a plate full of fish, you will also get a mess of french fries, a big old serving of cole slaw, hand full of hush puppies and an ice cold glass of sweet iced tea.

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A pair of girls breasts so fine they make every bloke that gazes upon them forget what he was saying and fall into immediate silence until they disappear from view.

Bloke : "blah blah blah"

Hush puppies loom into view.

Silence whilst bloke can think of nothing else but this amazing pair.

Hush puppies move on.

Bloke's mouth now functions properly.

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When you pull your pockets out so they look like Hush Puppie dog ears. Predominantly used on sweat pants that have been cut to make sweat shorts. It eliminates pick pocketing, makes you look original, refuses to let change fall out of your pocket, and gives you an excuse to reach in your pants all day.

Hush Puppies are the safest and most effective way to wear pants, if you need to wear pants.

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