I Ain't Fuck Ya

What is I Ain't Fuck Ya?


To be completely honest with someone. A promise not to play head games or beat about the bush. Beautiful.

"I ain't fuck ya. That diamond necklace is really worth $2 million. I'll sell it to you for $20."

See ian


I ain’t fuck ya: To indicate innocence or reassurance of no wrong doing in a personal or business relationship.

aka: I haven't screwed you, I haven't fucked you.

Movie: Snatch Brad Pitt's character, Micky, a Traveler who sells Tommy and Gorgeous George a shoddy caravan (camping trailer) whose wheels fall off as they are towing it away; Mickey's says, "You want your money; I ain't fuck ya, I'll fight ya for it."

See screw, dicked, screwed


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