I Am A Graveyard

What is I Am A Graveyard?


A band formed by Frank Iero (best known as one of the guitarists for internationally popular alternative rock band My Chemical Romance). Shortly after I Am A Graveyard didn't take off, Frank joined MCR.

This band is now nonexistent, unless some little punks stole it.

Little Punk 1: What should we call our band?

Little Punk 2: How about "The Travesty"? Or, um..."Black Souls", or..."Angst-Tastic Eyeliner-Monkeys"?

Little Punk 1: I know! "I Am A Graveyard", 'cause that's like, so dark and original.

Little Punk 2: But hasn't that already been used?

Little Punk 1: *blinks* *dies*

Little Punk 2: *blinks* *runs away*

See frank iero, mcr, gothic


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