I Am [elvis]

What is I Am [elvis]?


(Eye Em Ell-Visss) Phrase. (1) The act of feeling sick while on the toilet and both deficating and vomiting at the same time. (2) A person who is so fat that they sweat at all times for no reason. (3) You when you become a Washed up lounge singer who just died on the shitter.

1) Dude, I am Elvis, I shouldn't have eatin' 13 tacos and drank a case of Schlitz.

2) I am Elvis, I'm soaked and I'll I did was watch Dr. Phil for an hour.

3) I am Elvis! (As my soul hovers over my lifeless body crumpled up on the toilet with a Maxim in one hand and a cheesburger in the other).


Elvis - Leaving the building, I am out of here. Bu bye. See yah, good bye.

I am Elvis. Yo my bitz is gots me sum dinner, I am Elvis.


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