I Am Error

What is I Am Error?


The old guy from ZeldaII who lives in a gigantic house (which looks small from the outside) in Ruto.

He is totally useless (only one hint later) and keeps saying " I AM ERROR".

No one knows what this means or why he says that.

Maybe it's his name, Error.

"I AM ERROR" ~ Error in Zelda II


Its actually due to poor translation that his name is ERROR, his real name is actually Errol which makes a little more sense but the piss-poor translations of the NES days turned that last L into an R, thus the enigmatic ERROR...

What the fuck does I AM ERROR mean?

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I Am Error

A semi-popular phrase from the second Zelda game - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Typically useless, but has one small line besides his trademark that is actually a hint.

Was named as a joke, as there is another NPC in the game named Bagu that looks the same. Bagu was supposed to be "Bug."

I talked to the purple guy, but all he said was "I AM ERROR."

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