What is I Am Fishing For Your Goombas?


Something Mario says on some Super Mario Go-Fish game on the PC. Makes me laugh *shrug*

Some might say he his fishing for some stereotypical Italian men.


Slang among political ops for "I am looking for dirt on your candidate." May or may not be connected to the classic line from The Godfather: "Clemenza sleeps with the fish." Meaning he's been whacked, per orders. So "Fishing for your Goombas," maybe, started out meaning "looking for the bodies in your candidate's background." (Classically such bodies would be a live boy or a dead girl).

"Hey, what's this bullshit with a guy with a camera in the parking lot at four in the morning?"

"I am fishing for your Goombas, asshole. If your boy can't keep it zipped, the people got a right to know."

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