I Can't See Shit

What is I Can't See Shit?


A phrase used by some people who can't see an image because of a red x.

Creator: Here are some screenshots for my new Mario game. Enjoy.

(Red X's are shown)

Wes: Um... I can't see shit.


An exclamation often said by pilots when flying in heavy rain, fog or cloud. Usually to their co-pilot, but not to air traffic controll on the radio. Usually said when the other pilot claims to know where the landing runway is, while the exclaimant has no idea. Is an indicator that the person saying the phrase is both lost, and can't see anything comprehensable out the window

Copilot: Runway is off to the right sir

Pilot: Where? I can't see shit!

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Ray Charles can't see shit when he plays the piano.

Ray Charles: I CAN'T SEE SHIT!!

everyone: wow that guy can play some awesome shit, hey old man, gimme an autograph

Ray Charles: I CAN'T SEE SHIT!!!!

everyone: XD!

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