What is I Could Smell Your Mom Before I Saw Her!?


a insult between two friends/enemies in which, every day, the two insult each other, waiting for the other person to slip. when the opponent slips, he leaves himself open for the insult "i could smell your mom before i saw her!) The first person to deliver this insult sucesfully is declared winner for the day.

Person1: your moms so fat, she sat on a dollar and it became four quarters!

bystanders: oooooooooo burn!

Person2: I'm not THAT easy to tick off.

Person1: (thinking that person2 is out of comebacks) YOUR MOM is easy!!!

Person2: I could smell your mom before i saw her!

bystanders: OOOOOOOOOOO

Person1: darn.

See burn, your mom, word war


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