I Deed It

What is I Deed It?


The famous line used by rapper Eli Porter in his rap battle against rapper Envy. The line goes "I'm the best mayne... I deed it". At the end of the battle the judges voted that rapper Envy won. Envy used lines such as "I been up on da blocks/never sellin rocks/but I still got what I got" and also "They like Rayell, you need to stop talkin junk/but I gotta run up on a cat with the pump".

"I'm da best mayne.... I deed it."

"He like Rosie O'Donell at a bi-sexual bridal shower"

"See, I'm da best.....I told you that...this dude like dat...he runnin from da cat..."

See deed, it, did, porter, fight, club


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