What is I Did It For The Lulz?


"I did it for the lulz" (IDIFTL) is a catchphrase which serves as an explanation for any trollingyou do or any internet drama you cause.

Before Hitler shot himself, it has been recorded that he said "I don't understand. I did it for the lulz." It took 5 years for people to notice that killing Jews is lulz worthy, making Hitler ahead of his time.

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When you do whatever you want, when you want, because you can. And you do it with pleasure. It's an epic thing, just epic.

LULZ is seen as a God, it just is.

You see someone get hit by a car and laugh. Someone asks why you laughed and you say "I did it for the LULZ"

You troll all over the internet and say to anyone who asks you why "I did it for the LULZ"

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