I Love You

What is I Love You?


The three hardest words to say in the English Language.

When done properly, side effects include: A seeming absence of your stomach, silence, perhaps tears, and an overwhelming joy.

See Leiko


3 words that should never be said to someone unless you mean it. because sometimes people believe it when you dont mean it. and you break hearts.

Steve:i love you allison

Allison:i love you too steve

later that night

steve:o kelly lets have sex

kelly:what about allison

Steve: o her were over.

next day

Steve: o hey allison i love you baby.


the three magical words that get a girl into bed.

the three magical words that make a girl (or anyone, i suppose) happy. make her feel good about herself, etc.

the three magical words that most with half a brain can tell when are part of a lie.

should only ever be followed by the words "i love you too"--certainly not "i love seeing you" or "i love spending time with you." those are sure to mess up the situation... completely mess it up.

the only words that can ever mean anything real (emotionally.) but usually don't.

person 1: i love you.

person 2: i love you too.

person 1: so...

person 2: lets make hot monkey love!

person 1: OKAY!


girl 1: he said he loves me.

girl 2: oh, that is so sweet. you deserve each other. you're perfect for each other.

girl 1: i just love him so much.

girl 2: aww i'm so jealous.


person 1: i love you.

person 2: i just met you, i'm not sleeping with you.

person 1: *looks down at the ground* it was worth a try.


person 1: i love you.

person 2: i love... spending time with you.

(then person 1 doesn't call back)


this last one doesn't need an explanation


If spoken by a woman: "I Love the way I feel when you're paying attention to me."

If spoken by a man: "Let's have sex."

The only person who ever loved you was your mother.

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Its a computer virus.

Err...passionate saying. that too

EMAIL: I love you

OPEN *clik*

000011111111100101001010111111111110000010100000000000100000000000000001111111110000000000001*your computer is f**ked*0010111000100101010100101


A combination of words that have become very common in today's society. Especially if one is in a highschool setting, the words "I love you" are not unique. Today, the words I love you is spoken or written to much and most oftenly means, I lust after you. Once a child hits puberty, he/she automatically believes he/she is in love.

It's 2005, I'm 16 you're hott, you're a guy and I'm a girl. I love you.


...like a fat kid love cake.

I love you like a fat kid love cake.

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