What is Ibs?


Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It's when your sphincter releases liquid hot magma loaf-demons unreservedly and without reason.

Cordova: Hey Jim, what's the deal? Why is there brown fluid spilling down your legs?

Jim: It's IBS. And it burns.

Cordova: Haha, it must suck to feel like a moron.

Jim: stfu bbq!

Cordova: Roflmao knewb, I'm not the one with IBS!

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An intoxicated beaver smuggler.

Hey man, do you know of an inexpensive way to get beavers across the border? Yeah bro, I know an IBS who will do it for dirt cheap.

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Itchy Ball Syndrom

I was sitting on the computer and all of a sudden I had IBS.

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Intense Butt Sex

Man, that was some great IBS last night.

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IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a syndrome that causes Irratic, uncontrolable and usually Explosive Diarehhea.

Joe: Damn guy last night at the bar Ian's IBS was acting up again and he had a shit explosion on the dance floor!

Guy #1: Dag Yo!!!

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Acronym for "I Be Serious". Sometimes people say ibserious instead of IBS.

Ted: So his pants fell off when he was dancing?

Michael: IBS

Ted: Are you sure?

Michael: ibserious.

Nick: lol ftw.

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(Itchy Balls Syndrome.) itchy balss arent always the best

"man i have IBS."

"IBS sucks."

See itchy, balls, painful


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