Ice Cream Sandwich

What is Ice Cream Sandwich?


Umm... two pieces of delicious chocolate-ness with ice cream in the middle sold at grocery stores??

(a definition not involving ass-fucking or shit-and-ejaculation-eating for once)

Yummy, my mother brought me home an ice cream sandwich. And no, it didn't have shit nor cum on it.

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A threesome between two Black Men and 1 White Girl.

"Jamal and I gave Kelly an Ice Cream Sandwich"- Datrell

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After ejaculating onto the torso of a woman, collapsing onto her, thus creating a "sandwich" in which the two torsos are the outer chocolate cake-like wafers, and the jism is the "ice cream" between the two.

After Jack unloaded his skeet on Jill's chest, he passed out on her and they ice cream sandwiched until he woke up.

"Dude, did you see Mark at the party last night?! He came so hard on Dana that he passed out and they were totally forming an ice cream sandwich! I got a picture on my phone!"

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an ice cream sandwich is when a skinny white guy is fucked from both ends by two fat ugly black chicks. Also known as the brownie sundae.

Johanna Lickum and her girl had an ice cream sandwich

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the liquids in between 2 black people having sex

Aging hippie liberal douche observed as jamal and keisha rubbed out a liquidy ice ream sandwich.


When one is hittin a girl anal-style, and she shits on the floor, then the guy cums in the shit and makes her eat it. Imagine a long thick brown turd with a nice few strips of jizz in the middle, resembling an ice cream sandwich.

"yo man, i was poundin this sluts ass, and she started shitting on the floor, so i just let off in her shit and made her eat that shit like it was an ice cream sandwich!"

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