Icf Inter City Firm

What is Icf Inter City Firm?


The best and arguably the hardest football firm ever in the history of the game. They are the firm of West Ham United. They rule the off pitch battles of football, such as against 'kiddie' firms like millwall, the 'yids' and the turks (kopties). They acclaimed the name Inter City Firm by the fact that they travelled to games using the Inter City Line. Recently, the film 'Green Street' was based around the ICF.

Dave: Lawd above! Oi China Plate who do yew think is da greatest football firm?

'Arry: Well I am Bobby Moawer that it's da ICF (Inter City Firm) ov da one an' only West 'am United. , innit

Dave:Gawdon Bennet! woo 'oo yew are right, fancy a pin' . OK?

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