Icy Hot

What is Icy Hot?


A lubricant most often used for masturbation

guy 1: "hey you want to come over and play magic cards?"

guy 2: "no way, I have better things to do right now. Like masturbate with icy hot."

See lubrication, lubricant, lube, icy, hot, icy hot, icy-hot, masturbate, masturbation, jack off, wack off, beat it


satan in a bottle

thats about it

guy 1: bitch you got icy hot on ur balls ur fucked now!

guy 2: fuckin satan in a bottle man...

See lube, lubricant, pain, burn, ouch


When a female sticks a cold popsickle in their vagina for a few minutes and procede to have sexual intercoarse right after the popsickle is removed.

She seems to really enjoy it when i give her an icy hot.

See icy, hot, sex, dick, vagina, hot sex


v. when a chick puts ice in her mouth whilst performing oral copulation

That Japanese hooker gave the best ICY HOT, for a mere 12 dollars. Cold to stimulate and hot to get me off.

See sex, oral, hooker, alabama hotpocket, japanese, cleveland steamer


The act of putting three(3) ice cubes in your ass, ejaculating on someone's body, and squeezing the ice cubes out on the ejaculant.

Her back was sore so I gave her some "Icy Hot" to rub in!

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