I'd Hit It

What is I'd Hit It?


Vernacular, commonly used by males, meaning, "I would like to have sexual relations with that female."

"Wow, she's stacked! I'd hit it!"


Formerly a slangphrase referring to a male's stated prediliction toward sexual relationswith a previously identified female, the phrase has now come to refer to an individual's stated desire to perform sexual relationswith a (typically McDonald's) hamburger.

Background: An unfortunate McDonald'sadvertising campaign, circa early 2005, developed under the assumption that the use of urban lexiconmight appeal to a previously underrepresented demographic, i.e., the burger-fetishists.

"Double Cheeseburger? I'd hit it. I'm a Dollar Menu guy."

(McDonald's advertising copy, used without permission.)


I'll have sex with her but I'll be damned if I respect her.

Guy #1: "Man, she's sexy and from what I've heard smart too! I'd like to take her out, embark on a loving long term relationship, and maybe one day, when my words can no longer express how I feel, make beautiful love to her."

Guy #2: "I'd hit it, but if she tries to talk to me after I'll change my number."



Vernacular commonly used by males, meaning, «I would NOT MIND having sexual relations with that woman.»

There's a big difference between «I'd hit it..." and "I'd definitely hit it!"; same as between «I'd do her.» and «I'd definitely do her!»

The first sentence indicates that the person who is speaking is moderately interested in the woman in question. The second sentence indicates that the person is considerably interested in the woman, and might swoop down for the kill, if given the opportunity.

Situation #1:

«Wow, is Halle Berry hot, or what?!»

«Yeah, I'd hit it...»

Situation #2:

«Wow, is Halle Berry hot, or what?!»

«Shit yeah, I'd definitely hit it!»


Vernacular. Expresses a desire to have sexual relations, usually from the dominant/giving aspect rather than the submissive/receiving one. Implies a lack of personal respect / emotional investment for the person to be "hit." Exact phrase is necessary to carry the meaning. Division, alteration or attempt to use in a literal sense may result in misunderstanding and ridicule.

Common mistakes are made when refering to "a hit" as in a dose of a (usually illegal) non-food chemical compound, or physically striking an object. In such cases, it is preferable to use the actual word for the object to be "hit" over the pronoun "it."

Right: "That girl over there? Yeah, I'd hit it."

Wrong: "Who has the bong? I'd hit it!"


Announcing you would straight up stuff a bitch.

Guy 1:"Shit man, look at that bitch over there."

Guy 2:"Dude, she could stand to lose a few."

Guy 1:"Fuck dude...I'd hit it."


A phrase that originally meant I would engage in sexual congress with that female.

It has also evolved to mean I would get with that regarding inanimate objects like cars or shoes.

Black GTO.. I'd hit it.

Goodlooking woman.. I'd hit it.

See i'd hit that, id hit that, hit that, hit it


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