What is Idali?


n. proper.

A person and or person that I, svenmonk, shamelessly cyber-fornicate with, over and over again while pasting the logs to baphomet.

I need to find me a new idali. This one's into CFNM and I'm too crunk to be jive with this shit.

See svenmonk




A deathmatch. The definition of idali is that while two men may enter, only one man leaves.

"Holy hell, James and Joshua have finally agreed to idali!"

"This is terrible! Don't try this at home!"


A kooky chick who will never cease searching for the answers. NEVER

I need the lowdown, biznitch. I'm a total idali, don't you know?

See svenmonk


An insane goddess from Lakeheadic fokelore.

"She was ranting randomly, like an idali."


The feeling you get when you're in love, or really excited from a combination of things.

The idali in my mind was overflowing tonight.


A dog kept for the sole purpose of bestial sex.

Boy am I horney, I am going to go home to my idali tonight.


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