What is Idio-hop?


This is a word to succinctly describe the ever-present new wave of hip-hop containing "lyrics" that bring retards to their knees in cliche awe and anyone who truly enjoys music to the bathroom to join the other perplexed vomiteers. Idio-Hop encompasses modern songs potentially classifiable as 'Hip-Hop', but truly having a nano-scale of intelligence behind the meaning (and I am very ashamed to even describe it as such).

In short, Idio-Hop is a collection of words with a mediocre beat that completely mocks the lack of intelligence of its listeners while proving that once someone identifies something as cool, every dumbass in the club will feel the same way about it.

"Well, my favoreat hobbees are snorting ants, not wiping my ass, cleaning dirt, and jammin' out to Idio-Hop!!!"

"Yo son, 'Superman High' is my Idio-hop joint. That's my jam bruh!"

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