What is Idym?


i did your mom Meaning you did somebody's mom.....or did you? Lol.

Just because idym doesn't mean you have to get mad.

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An acronym for I Did Your Mom.

Bob: Hey man, IDYM.

Joe: What does that mean?

Bob: I Did Your Mom!

Joe: Hahaha, you owned me :(

Bob: Yes, yes I did.

See idym, your mom


An acronym for "I Drink Your Milkshake." Normally used to denote that someone has been "owned" or has had their thunder stolen.

Dale the Dinglish Speaking Derelict: Look at how long my Dinglish drawl is.

Long Dong Assler: Dale, IDYM. I would have to fold mine in half to be the same length as yours, you crotch goblin.

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