What is Iekika?


A sexy beast, a woman that claims to be harmful be is really harmless. Can be a caring and great friend and real lovable. Iekika can also be there for people and can talk about anything...

Shes also good when it comes to pool tables and closets...*wink wink*

Even though most of time Iekika thinks low about her life and she said sometimes she wish to lose it. She sometimes don't understand how much some people love her and enjoy her company and would hate to see her go.

Iekika also has a heart of Gold, and in the future is best will happen for her.

Iekika- Carring, kind friendly

Iekika- Loveable, respectful and bashful

Iekika- Claims shes a bitch, but knows shes really sexy..*rawr*...

See Jessica


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