What is Iff?


A specialized form of if: means "If and only if". Because it's pronounced the same as "if", it's mainly a written word.

Iff that dosen't work, drop me a line.


Identification: Friend or Foe. A system used by the military to distinguish between friendlies and hostiles.

The IFF tagged the aircraft as friendly.


Internet friends forever.

Oh draupnir, can we please be iff?

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A term used to describe the association, Inspecting For Females, or more commonly known as Inspecting For Fit Females. They assess the females in the local area and any they may meet on their travels. They usually give them a score out of 10. It is unclear as to when this assocaition was formed, but clear it is made of a select elite few. Its origins are based in West London.

"IFF? No.. 1 out of 10"

"IFF? Yes.. Thumbs up!"

"Is that an IFF.. Hell noooo fool!"

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