Ill Company Crew

What is Ill Company Crew?


iLL Company Crew

-a hiphop crew originating from New Brunswick. Favoring the party scene over the sausage jam scene, iLL Company Crew was born in the cypher. Orginally frequenting clubs like Melody Bar(98-99), the crew soon stumbled upon the mecca that was Harvest Moon(00-05).

Original Members: Wayne, Alex "the Flying Water Snake" Reque, Jalil "Swamp Ass" Muhamad, Timothy "Boogitym"/Zulu King Fitch, Kevin "Agrovate" Pollack, Benji Martinez, and "Tall" Chris.

2nd Gen: Mark "Pond Frog" Ranario, Jon "GunJak" Liu

3rd Gen: Rex "Einstein/StarChild" be continued

iLL Company's floetic style of rocking immediately set them apart from other crews in jersey. Infamous for rocking their innovative style and ambient flow, they pushed the boundaries of Jersey style.

With many of the orignal members having migrated to Cali, DC, and South Korea, the crew is currently undergoing a rennisance.

Food of Choice: Beef Patty, Twinkies

iLL Company Enemies: Catipillars, Kryptonite, psycho-ex/girlfriends who make them skip practice, horny fat girls, gas money, spinning airchairs, carpet.

1. Look at all these kids that live with their mommies! I'll bust all their asses!

2. Honestly, wut original move did he do?

3. ...yo man...i got some new ecko gear.....

4.That flava bullshit ain't gonna do a damn thing.

4. Yo. chu doin tommorrow.

Goin to the city.

For What.



5. Yo someone call betrock. Yo call betrock. Someone call betrock.


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