What is Illmaculate?


rapper from Portland, OR. Sandpeople crew member.

Spin The Mic 2006 - Champion

King of Portland 2005 - Champion

Better Than U 2004/05 - 1 & 2

Scribble Jam 2004 - Champion

where the fuck is Illmaculate's album?

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He is a rapper best known for winning the 2004 Scribble Jam freestyle rap competition. He is a member of the Sandpeople (music) group. With partner TheSaurus, he has also competed in and won the 2006 World Rap Championship , and the 2006 Spin the Mic competition. He also has just won the 2007 World Rap Championships with partner TheSaurus.

illmaculate and the saurus won the jumpoff World Rap Championships for 2006 and 2007

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Something soo ill and yet so clean. As seen with Immaculate, which means clean, spotless, it's used to describe something very "ill" thats perfect, spotless. Used in an exicted tense to compliment or intend to show the superiority of something. As someones pimping skills, which could be soo smooth, and perfect, or a song that is really tight.

Not sure the origin. It's out there, just not defined, and I randomly thought of it while sitting in a hot tub with some chicks and realized my pimping skills were "illmaculate".

Dang dude your pimping was soo illmaculate!

You rhymes are illmaculate!

That song is soooooo illmaculate dogg!

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