I'm Not Gonna Lie

What is I'm Not Gonna Lie?


I phrase used to add to any sentence which you never need to lie in.

I'm not gonna lie, this is a pretty good hamburger.

I'm not gonna lie, I ate italian food last night.

You're pretty hot, I'm not gonna lie.

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A four word variation of the words "honestly" or "truthfully." A statement in which the speaker announces that he or she does in fact tell the truth.

I'm not gonna lie, that elementary school play sucked.

See seriously


A statement normally used to express the fact that you aren't going to lie about the next statement.

I'm not gonna lie, she's one ugly bitch.


to emphasize the accent of the action

I'm not gonna lie, you're fucking retarded.

I'm not gonna lie, that bitch's vagina is wider than the grand canyon.

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A really annoying phrase that only a true douche bag would use.

Douche:That movie sucks, I'm not gonna lie

Normal Person: That movie sucked

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A saying Troy made up at Virginia Tech meaning he has to tell the truth but regrets it... It is spreading in popularity as we speak

I'm not gonna lie, but you are fat and ugly

See Troy


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