Im Rick James Bitch

What is Im Rick James Bitch?


Made popular by Dave Chappelle in his skit on the chappelle show. He took on the role of early 80's musician Rick James before his struggles with the law

"I'm rick james bitch"

"Bitches show me them titties"

"If I had an extra set of hands I'd give them titties 4 thumbs down, the milk's gone bad"

"they should have never given you ******* money"

"Darkness your time has come"


I think that quote is just a reason to slap the s*** out of someone.

Your at a party someone is lookin at u wrong go up to them and say "Im Rick James bitch" and just f***en slap them.

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Expression of Superiority

Hold my drink bitch, I'm Rick James.

What did the five fingers say to the face?? SLAP!! I'm Rick James Bitch.

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A phrase used after one's superiority has already been showed.

After beating the man bloody, he kicked him once more in the ribs, barking, "I'm Rick James, bitch!"

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Im Rick James bitch!

Classic phrase used on "chappelle's Show" when Dave Chappelle was playing the part of Rick James.

"Fuck yo' couch nigga!

I'm Rick James bitch!"

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an excuse to beat someone who probably deserves it

"I'm Rick James! Bitch!" shouted the man as he bitch-slapped Arturo.


To show's one superiority. Comes from the Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Story skit on the Chapelle Show.

Man beats other man down.

Man: I'm Rick James, BITCH!


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