Im Straight

What is Im Straight?


no need for anyones fuckin appliance, as in you can leave me alone with that shit.

"wanna ride"-na, im straight

See D


You are okay or fine.

Kid 1: Hey, whats wrong with you? You seem upset.

Kid 2: Nah man, im straight.

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something drunk people say when they want people to THINK they are sober; when in reality they are sooo drunk they are walking like they have no backbone. they more the phrase is repeated the more drunk they are.

louie: "how many shots did you have?!"

ruthy: "1"

louie: "it looks like you had 20. are you going to be ok ruthy?"

ruthy: "IM STRAIGHT im straight"


Im straight A word big heads David and Jeff use especially when there at Dillions working!!!

David::YO Jeff wanna go get shoppin carts.

Jeff: Naw big head I'm straight

David:aiite you thinkin bout Sabrina huh??

Jeff:: yeah I'm Gay

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