What is Impotent?


The inability to arouse the penis, often times caused by severe trauma.

Cody's horrible impotency could only be prudently remedied by glancing at his hot mother.


the act of not being able to get hard, commonly when needed

I went to bang my girlfriend but i found i had become impotent

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Impotent is Having a flacid penis.

1. Not being able to satisfy a woman no matter how hard you try.

2. A dick that dosent work properly. I have a hard time cumming. It can be embarrassing.

I have a flacid penis which is impotent- I get 'nervous' around the ladies. It dosent help my flacid penis.

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someone who is incapable/ineffective at performing a task or job responsibilities; one who disappoints everyone with their lack of ability.

stacy is an impotent staff who offers nothing to our team.

don't expect jamie to get anything done. she's the most impotent marketing director ever.

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Cooks without gas


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